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As a company with a long experience in mouse pad personalisation we have faced numerous queries whether it is possible to create individual, limited and therefore low-edition series of mouse pads. We have always been ready to fulfil our customers needs, producing unique and frequently single-series patterns. Pads as gifts, for special occasions, for small companies, with holiday photos, company meetings, or with a company logo proved to be extremely popular among our clients. As a result, the idea of "Photo mouse" - do-it-yourself kit came out. Today, as the leaders we are proud that we created a product that is not only a gift but also shows your creative skills. From now on, you can create your own mouse pad, which will not only decorate your desk but also show its uniquenes... It's simply yours...
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tel. +48 (041) 344 94 44

We have made a decision to build Photo mouse. We hope that the idea will be welcomed by our clients. Our prime aim is not only sale but creating the place where similar people can meet. This site is being created for you - our clients, who appreciate not only the product itself but also the accompanying ideas.
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Send us the photo of your mouse pad. We are creating an online gallery for the most interesting ones so that everyone can see your work.
Mouse Pad Kit! With your own graphic design - DO IT YOURSELF!